Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Red Fox

For my birthday, I had a really cool birthday.  I had roller blading, scooter riding and everything.  All my friends were there.  We did lots of exciting stuff.  A science was supposed to blow up but it didn't go so well, haha.  Kidding.  We had karaoke and lots of fun as you can tell from the looks on everyone's faces.
Click the words "Science Experiment" to learn how you can do it at home!
If you have anything to say about your fun birthday party, just type into the comments section!  Have fun!

~Red Fox


  1. Glad I got to come to "Red Fox's" Birthday Party.

    I was a little late, but made it just in time for HOT DOGS! Gooooooo Red Fox!

    Signed, The Old Grandpa Fox!

  2. Red Fox you were the CRAZIEST FOX on wheels! We had so much fun at your party! Lub you!

    Signed, Yo Fox Cuzes,
    ShaLo Fox, Mitchie Moe Fox, KAT Fox

  3. Red Fox Happy #9.Next year you will be double digits for the first time. Aunt annie

  4. Happy birthday!! (I really like your site, guys!)